Politicking, Campaigning and Signs at the Polling Place

Vermont law prohibits politicking within the building containing the polling place. 17 VSA §2508

  • Voters must remove campaign buttons, hats, and other paraphernalia before coming in to vote. Coats should be kept on if a person is wearing a campaign shirt.
  • All conversations about candidates should be kept outside of the polling place.
  • Individual voters may bring in brochures and written campaign materials for their own use, but these may not be shown to others or left in the voting booth or polling place.
  • Exit polling is considered politicking and must remain outside of the polling place.

Vermont law permits the Presiding Officer to designate an area outside of the polling place where candidates, supporters and pollsters can stand, offer information, conduct polls, and /or hold signs. The designated area may be behind barriers. Candidates, supporters and pollsters must stand in the designated area. Do not stand in, place signs in, or otherwise block the pathway to the entry door.

  • The voter’s progress into and out of the polling place may not be blocked. “On the walks and driveways leading to a building in which a polling place is located, no candidate or other person may physically interfere with the progress of a voter to and from the polling place.” 17 VSA §2508(3) 
  • Candidates and political workers may not block access or harass the voters who are walking from their vehicle in the school parking lot to the polling area entrance. 
  • SIGNS:  Candidates and campaigns may leave one unattended sign (or issue) outside the polling place. Signs must be behind the barrier or in the designated area.  Signs may not be affixed in any way to the building or other school property. One lawn sign is permissible. Signs must be removed when the polls close.  This and all other actions are at the discretion of the Presiding Officer.

Anyone violating this policy will be asked to leave the premises or be removed by a law enforcement officer.

Town of Essex Policy Adopted by the Essex Board of Civil Authority November 1, 2018.