Soccer Sparks

Soccer SparksSoccer Sparks offers age-appropriate soccer classes for kids ages 2 to 9 in a low-pressure, high-skill learning environment. The Soccer Sparks approach utilizes fun and games so that children develop a passion for soccer without the stress of competitive play. Taught by USSF Nationally Certified coaches, Soccer Sparks' “all-ball” training techniques help kids meet their maximum potential while emphasizing fair play and enjoyment of the sport.

Kickin’ with the Parents 2-3 Yrs
Parent and child soccer! By playing fun games, children improve their blossoming balance, coordination, and general motor skills. Aside from learning how to dribble and strike a soccer ball, children and parents also get the opportunity to share those first, unforgettable, goal-scoring adventures together.

Kick the Ball! – 3-4 Yrs
Kick the ball! The Soccer Sparks 3-4-year-old class is designed to help kids develop their large motor skills and get them running, dribbling, and kicking the ball while having lots of fun. The kids learn the very basics of the game through skill demonstrations and games as they transition from parent to individual participation.

Dribble, Kick, Pass! - 4-5 Yrs
Dribble, kick, and pass! The Soccer Sparks 4-5-year-old class is designed to spark an early passion for the game in young players. This class will encourage greater retention of foundational soccer skills such as dribbling, passing, and shooting in a positive environment. Our curriculum includes fun and energetic games that teach kids about playing within a group.

Youth Soccer Sparks - 6-9 Yrs
Dazzle with your footwork! The Soccer Sparks 6-9-year-old class utilizes the “all ball” approach to foster skill improvement and build player confidence. Players will learn to solidify such skills as dribbling, passing, trapping, receiving, juggling, and accurate shooting in a supportive group environment. 

Ages 2-9 | Essex Middle School Field 
Thursdays | September 7-28 | Varied 
Instructor: Dragomir Parvanov 

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