Letter to taxpayers

During the initial data collecting phase for the reappraisal project, a letter was sent to approximately 400+/- property owners to begin. Additional letters will then be sent in groups of 400+/- approximately every two weeks thereafter. The letter is to inform property owners that the data collectors will be in their area. The data collecting will begin in the more rural areas to beat the forthcoming inclement weather, working their way to the denser areas during the winter months.

Below is a sample of the letter:



Dear Property Owner:

The Town of Essex and City of Essex Junction have decided to reappraise all property in the Town and City for the 2025 Grand List. The goal of any reappraisal is to create fairness. Similar homes should have similar assessments. Similar market values should have similar assessments. Data collection is a key part of maintaining fair assessments.

The Town and City have contracted with Patriot Properties to do a complete reappraisal of all property within the city and town. This process will be completed for the 2025 Grand List. The initial property listing process in your area will begin in September of 2023.

Patriot Properties will use qualified field appraisers to gather the information. They are collecting exterior measurement data, exterior and interior construction data, and verifying property age. Each appraiser has identification and a letter of introduction from the Municipal Assessor’s Office. Please feel free to call the Municipal Assessor’s Office at (802) 878-1345 to verify any information about these individuals. 

If you are not at home when Patriot Properties’ appraisers visit, a card with instructions for making an appointment will be left. If you do not wish to have the appraisers on your property without your presence, or you wish to make an appointment to inspect, you must call the Municipal Assessor’s Office and inform them. Property owners who rent the property are requested to notify the renters of the inspection procedure and grant the renter authorization to let the appraisers inspect the interior of the property.

When the field-listing phase is complete, Patriot Properties will begin an analysis of properties sold in the Town of Essex and City of Essex Junction to determine the fair market value of your property. Fair market value is best described as that value you might reasonably expect to receive if you were to sell your property. For the purposes of this reappraisal, the value set will be the fair market value as of April 1, 2025.

When the valuation process is completed, Patriot Properties will submit preliminary assessments to the Municipal Assessor. After review, Patriot Properties will mail a notice of preliminary value to each property owner. The notice will include instructions for scheduling an informal hearing with Patriot Properties.  This process is in addition to the normal grievance process. 

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Karen K. Lemnah
Municipal Assessor