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Out & About Artists/Crafters/Farmers Signup

  1. Out & About Artists/Crafters/Farmers Sign-up

  2. 10. The Out & About Committee is asking each vendor to donate a service, product or gift certificate. Donated items will be used in advertising and giveaways leading up to and during the Out & About weekend. This is a great way to advertise your business and draw attention to this community-wide event.

  3. Rules for Artists/Crafters/Farmers
    1. Booth/table must fit within a 10 ft. wide area, with approximately 15 ft. frontage.
    2. Limit of 3 adults tending a booth.
    3. All litter must be disposed of properly and booth area completely clean after the event.
    4. Vendors must make an effort to keep booths open on both event days (Oct. 2 & 3) from 11 am to 3 pm on each day, unless there are special circumstances such as weather.
    5. Vendors are responsible for bringing their own tables, tents, chairs and supplies and must set-up and tear down all tents, tables and equipment on their own. Weights or stakes to secure tents are recommended.
    6. No music or loud equipment (such as a generator) is permitted.
    7. Spaces are limited and vendors must be confirmed by the Out & About committee to receive a spot. Priority will be given to Essex business owners.
    8. Disregarding the rules may forfeit your chances to apply in another year.

  4. Acceptance of Rules and Hold Harmless Clause
    By choosing "YES, I understand and agree" below, I understand and agree to obey the rules of the Out & About in Essex event, and furthermore, hold the Village of Essex Junction and Town of Essex harmless from any injury, incident, accident, damage or loss of personal property, as a result of utilizing Village/Town facilities.

  5. Thank you for signing up to participate in this special event and for taking a step with us to remind people that Essex is a wonderful place to eat, shop, and have fun!

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