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Employee Scavenger Hunt 2023 Sign Up


    The deadline to submit your collected materials is June 21, 2023. Drawing takes place June 22, 2023. The winning team will receive a free lunch. Teams must submit only one bill for payment/reimbursement. The total bill may be up to, and not go over $75, including any gratuity. 

    Teams must be made up of at least three people and not more than five. Teams must complete at least one task on the checklist to participate. Scavenger hunting must take place outside of work hours.

    Teams will receive one ticket for the drawing for each box checked and verified as completed. Completion of the bonus (participation in the Cornhole Tournament) earns the team five tickets. Teams do not have to complete the entire list. The more you check, the more chances you have to win.  

    Create a digital folder with the tool of your choice and share with the; or arrange your photos into a document and print. If you choose to share digitally, a tool of choice could include Dropbox, Google Drive, Sharepoint, Teams, or Facebook Messenger (share to Town of Essex message box)

    Place other items collected in an envelope with the team name and drop off at 81 Main St., attention: Tammy. 

    GOOD LUCK and have fun!

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