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Explore Essex Participating Business Signup

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  2. DEADLINE TO SIGN UP - August 18, 2023

  3. Signing up to donate to the Giveaway Exploraganza includes the opportunity to be a listed stop for the passport event. The week-long event encourages festival goers to stop by your business and receive a “stamp” in their passport for chances to win prizes from the Giveaway Exploraganza. Being a passport stop will require you to stamp/mark passports from those who visit your business during your normal business hours that week. To comply with the rules of the drawing, a purchase is not necessary to receive the stamp (although you may find some ways to entice those who visit to stay and shop). Your business logo and name will be listed with the passport to provide you with some additional exposure and foot traffic. Providing a special sale or a coupon are ideal incentives to encourage people to stop in and visit again!
  4. 14. Would you like to be included in the passport as a stop?

  5. Thank you for signing up to participate in this special event and for taking a step with us to remind people that Essex is a wonderful place to eat, shop, and have fun!

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