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Explore Essex Confirmed Acts - Payment Form

  1. We need 3 things to PROCESS YOUR PAYMENT:
    1. Completed IRS Form W-9. (Either upload with this form or send in an email).
    2.  INVOICE from you. (Either upload with this form or send in an email). Please type up or write on paper an invoice to the Town of Essex that includes:
      • Your legal name and address
      • Date you are performing
      • What you are doing (singing, juggling, etc.)
      • Amount due
    3. This form completed and submitted.
  2. You may skip this step if you have already sent your completed IRS W-9 form to You must submit a completed W-9 to be paid.

  3. You may skip this step if you have already sent your invoice to You must submit an invoice to be paid.

    An invoice can be a simple document typed up with the following items:

    -Legal business name and address
    -Date of service
    -Services performed
    -Amount due
    -Check payable to (must match your W-9)

  4. 8. Non-Employee Work Agreement*

    Under 21 VSA § 601 (14) (F), sole proprietors and partner owners of an unincorporated business whose work: is distinct and separate from the municipality’s work; who control the means and manner of the work performed; hold themselves out as in business for themselves; hold themselves out for work for the general public and do not perform work exclusively for or with another person; and are not treated by the municipality as an employee for purposes of income or employment taxation with regard to the work performed; are not considered workers or employees of the municipality. Work to be performed: Act/performance during the Explore Essex event. There is no written contract. Work dates begin on October 1, 2022 and end on October 2, 2022 and is not considered to be a normal municipal function that is performed by a Town employee. It is understood that the contractor/performer has the necessary equipment (owned, leased, rented, borrowed or shared) to perform the work.*

  5. If there is no contract for services, you may skip this step.

  6. 10. I hereby certify that I am aware of my right to purchase Workers' Compensation insurance and have elected to purchase Workers' Compensation coverage as described below, or not to purchase Workers' Compensation insurance coverage (please select one):*
  7. 11. Complete only if you carry Workers' Compensation coverage, with additional insurance coverage during the course of the project if agreed upon in the contract for services. If you do not carry Workers' Compensation coverage, you may skip this question.
  8. 12. Required: please select below.*

    I affirm that:
    a. I am not a worker or employee of Town of Essex;
    b. I am working independently;
    c. I have no employees;
    d. I have not contracted with other independent contractors; and
    e. I understand that I have the right to purchase Workers' Compensation insurance, and I have elected not to purchase Workers' Compensation insurance coverage.

  9. 13. Liability Hold-Harmless Agreement
    For use with Sole Proprietors and owner Partners of Unincorporated Businesses *

    In consideration of the agreement of Town of Essex to engage my company and me to perform certain services for the Municipality, my company and I agree, and for myself/ourselves and my/our heirs, executors and administrators agree to indemnify, defend and hold forever harmless Town of Essex, The Essex Experience, T-Rex Productions, LLC its officers, agents and employees from and against any and all claims, demands, liabilities, actions, judgments, settlements, damages, costs and expenses (including attorney's fees and disbursements) for injury to or death of any person, including myself, or damage to property arising out of or resulting from any material, product, equipment, vehicle or service supplied by the company or by me, or the agents, servants or employees of either, or from any action or failure to act on the part of myself or the company, or the agents, servants or employees of either, while performing services for, at the behest of, under contract with or on the premises of Town of Essex, The Essex Experience and T-Rex Productions, LLC.*

  10. If you do not have additional coverage as outlined and required by your contract, you may skip this step.

  11. Type your full name if you AGREE.

  12. Groups: If you performed with a group and would like to receive separate payments, please submit a separate payment form for each person receiving payment. Ensure that your invoice states only your portion of the confirmed amount the band/act is receiving.
  13. Deadline: To receive your payment in person during the weekend of the event, you must submit your invoice and W-9 no later than September 23rd. Otherwise, your check will be mailed to you after the event.

    For questions, contact Jennifer Merritt at 878-1342 or email

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