Quarantined Emails

E-mails that do not pass the spam filter criteria will be held in "quarantine". You will receive an e-mail notification each morning when you have messages held there. Each e-mail in the list can be taken care of in one of three ways:
 - if you do not want the e-mail then - no action needed
 - if you know it is legitimate and want to receive it and future e-mails from that sender without being quarantined first, click the Report as Not Junk link and then the Release to Inbox link
 - if you want to receive the e-mail but are not sure you want to continue to receive from that sender, then only click the Release to Inbox

If you are expecting an e-mail and it occurs after the daily quarantine message has been sent, first check your junk mail folder, if it is not there, then specify the following URL in a web browser: https://protection.office.com/quarantine, log in as if normally logging into your e-mail and follow the steps in the document below:

If you continue to have issues with a sender that you have marked as safe/not junk then please put in a ticket for IT to manually add the sender to the allowed list - you need to tell them exactly how it is spelled out.

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