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The purpose of the Committee is to study and make recommendations to the Selectboard and Trustees on policy relating to common interests in complying with the NPDES PHASE 2 MS4 Stormwater Permit (3-9014) requirements. Further, the Committee shall explore and make recommendations relating to joint /cooperative stormwater management, operations and funding of stormwater activity in both jurisdictions.


The individual NPDES PHASE 2 MS4 Permit issued to each community requires that a single Flow Restoration Plan be developed in each of the impaired waterways - Indian and Sunderland Brooks. Both communities are the principle municipalities responsible for clean-up of these watersheds. Eventually, some level of new or upgraded stormwater infrastructure will be required to be financed, built and maintained in both municipalities. With the current political and financial governmental relationship, a joint and coordinated approach to some or all aspects of permit compliance has the potential to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of delivered services in both communities. The complexity of the stormwater issues facing both entities requires significant time and effort that the elected bodies cannot provide in the required compliance time frames without study and input from a program management-oriented Stormwater Policy Coordinating Committee.


The Committee shall consist of the following members:
1) Town/ Village Manager
2) Selectboard Member appointed by the Selectboard
3) Trustee Member appointed by the Trustees
4) Village Stormwater Staff- James Jutras with staff support (Chelsea Mandigo)
5) Town Public Works Staff- Dennis Lutz with staff support (Annie Constandi)
6) Town Representative appointed by the Town Selectboard who is a representative from one of the current, expired discharge permit holders
7) Village Representative appointed by the Village Trustees who is a representative from one of the current, expired discharge permit holders.


1) Receive input from staff on the required stream flow monitoring program and recommendation(s) on the most appropriate way to proceed.
a. Make a recommendation to the Boards on management and funding of the required stream flow monitoring program.
b. Complete preliminary work on this issue prior to 1 January 2014 as a target date
2) Develop recommendations relative to municipal partial/ full /no acceptance of responsibility for expired permits in the impaired waterways.
a. Review all existing permits to better understand commonalities/differences
b. Review the VANR documentation relative to the implications of accepting partial or full or no expired permit responsibility
c. Develop pros/cons on potential recommendations with respect to the three approaches
d. Recommend an approach
e. Complete preliminary work on this issue prior to 1 January 2014 as a target date
3) Develop recommendations for joint development of the Flow Restoration Plans for both impaired waterways by spring 2014.
4) Review the stormwater budgets, stormwater management structure and storm- water operations in each community and make recommendations where either greater efficiencies or reduced costs or both can be achieved through joint or directed efforts. Perform the same review for stormwater planning and local regulation development as it relates to the appropriate requirements for review of these documents under the NPDES Phase 2 permit (with no set time frame).
5) Participate in the development of the Flow Restoration Plans with recommendations for potential coordinated or joint funding, operation and maintenance of facilities (with no set time frame).
6) Other stormwater-related study elements as set forth by the Selectboard and Trustees.

Committee Members

R. Michael Plageman
George Tyler
James Jutras
Chelsea Mandigo
Dennis Lutz
Annie Costandi
Max Levy
Harris Abbott

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